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Announcing the New American Choice Railings Website!

Posted by Leigh-Anne Amecangelo on

Wall, NJ - April 25, 2016 - American Choice Railing & Fencing proudly announces the launch of its new ecommerce website,  Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to superior products and service, the re-design and development integrates a host of new digital features to improve customer engagement and make the buying process easier. With a revitalized new look, enriched content, streamlined navigation and an all-inclusive back-end update through Shopify, the website is flexible and boasts forward-looking functionality. The new site places American Choice at the forefront of railing and fencing companies online.

“We are excited to announce the launch of the ecommerce website,” said Leigh-Anne Amecangelo, Office Administrator of American Choice Railing & Fencing. “With this new website, we now offer a more convenient shopping experience that gives our customers the opportunity to view our products, make decisions and enjoy a faster and easier buying process, all online----anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

By partnering with Red Bamboo Marketing, the new American Choice Railing & Fencing website was strategically designed to enhance the online shopping experience for both builders and homeowners through significant developments such as:

Restructured navigation- the website routing was restructured from top down; from the main and footer navigation down to the page level to enable visitors to quickly locate relevant information. For example, with a double navigation bar built-in, more obvious points of entry were established. The top corporate menu and the product menu below it simplifies the process of searching and exploration based on the customer’s own unique needs and wants.

Value-added imagery- when it comes to purchasing a product online, customers and potential buyers want to be able to see exactly what they are getting. The new website provides the product picture and relevant images of the product installed in specific tabs within the product page such as the “gallery tab.”

Focus on products and details- product details, specifications, related products and installation guides give visitors, customers and potential buyers exactly what they need to know if the product is what they are looking for and answering questions such as how much a project will cost. In addition, customers can view what they have saved in their cart and make purchases directly from the website.

A fully responsive design- reflecting the way customers today are on the go and how they shop for products, the new website is easy to access and user-friendly no matter what device someone is viewing it from—be it a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer— the site automatically adjusts its size depending on the device being used.

American Choice Railing & Fencing offers a premier shopping experience for those looking for their next railing or fencing project, gate, PVC millwork, enclosure, pergola or other custom product.  In addition to their line of quality products, American Choice offers hassle-free installation from expert installers, as well as both pick-up and delivery service from its warehouse located in Wall, New Jersey.

About American Choice Railings & Fencing

Located in Wall, NJ, American Choice Railing & Fencing has been serving builders, contractors and homeowners along the New Jersey coastline and surrounding areas since 2007. Considered the area’s number one choice for railing and fencing services, they offer a complete line of top-quality IBC/IRC tested and approved railings and products.  American Choice is committed to providing their customers with quality products and installation services at highly competitive prices.

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